Our mission is to promote global African design. We help people build trust across different cultures. To accomplish the mission, we use design to change the way we communicate cultural values. That’s why we create beautiful products that better tell the stories of lesser known culture, people, and craftsmanship. By sharing their inspiring stories, we hope to nurture empathy across cultures and celebrate individuality around the world.



Our vision is to become world’s most innovative and influential new luxury brand that always stay true to our core mission: To help people build trust across different cultures by creating beautiful products that better tell the stories of lesser known culture, people, and craftsmanship.


What We Do

Our core products are interior and fashion accessories including textiles (patterns and fabrics) that combine modern African art designed by the Co-CEO and Creative Director Mpho and Japanese traditional craftsmanship in textiles and washi papers. Our value proposition is the exclusivity that comes from a unique collaboration of an African designer and Japanese crafts.  We let you discover the stories of lesser known culture, people and craftsmanship that are infused in beautiful design. We create unique partnerships between different cultures and ethnicities, and use design to better communicate unique values created out of those partnerships. We use design to create values from a new partnership between Africa and Japan and share them with the global audience. We begin by the world’s first collaborative products featuring textiles from Japan’s Banshu region in Hyogo prefecture combined with artistic patterns of the Bantu Collection designed by Mpho reflective of her own Southern African culture.

私たちの主要商品は、共同代表兼Creative Directorのムポがデザインするモダンアフリカンアートと、織物や和紙などに残る日本の伝統の技を融合した、テキスタイル(柄、布)を含むインテリア、ファッション雑貨です。私たちのバリュープロポジションは、アフリカのデザイナーと日本のものづくりというユニークな協業が生む高い希少価値です。美しいデザインに秘められた、まだあまり知られていない文化、人、技の物語から得られる新しい発見を提供します。私たちは、文化や人種を超えた独自の関係性をつくり、そこから生まれるユニークな価値を、デザインの力で伝えやすくします。アフリカと日本に新しい関係性から生まれる新しい価値を、デザインの力で世界の人々に届けます。まずは、兵庫県の伝統工芸播州織物Banshu と、ムポが自身のルーツである南部アフリカ文化に敬意を表した柄アートのBantuコレクションの融合で、世界初のコラボレーション商品を届けます。



Company / 運営会社 Maki & Mpho


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Maki Nakata
Managing Director

Maki Nakata is a cosmopolitan entrepreneur who has lived in, worked in, and traveled to many cities including Tokyo, New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, Dar es Salaam, Shanghai, and Bangkok, among others, which have influenced her values and styles.

Previously she has worked on various entrepreneurial initiatives including an African fashion online commerce platform, where she created and executed business and marketing plans as a founding member.  Prior to her entrepreneurial career, she worked for adidas Japan as a retail strategist and financial planner where she developed a strategic plan jointly with the top management, product development, sales and marketing teams.  Before adidas, she worked for a consulting firm and served for clients including global consumer goods companies. She earned a Master of International Business degree at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Managing Directorのマキは、コンサルや戦略・財務担当として、タイ、中国、日本で消費財メーカーやグローバルブランドのリテールビジネスの実務経験があり、2014年には米国タフツ大学フレッチャースクールにて国際経営修士を取得し、東京を拠点にグローバルに活動しています。

2015年TOKYO STARTUP GATEWAYファイナリスト・アクセレレータープログラムメンバー

Mpho Muendane
Creative Director

Mpho Muendane, a U.S-born Mozambican-Zambian-Tanzanian-South African, is an award-winning textile designer and university lecturer.  She was born to refugee parents in Manchester, NH and when she was 13 she moved to South Africa with her family.  She recently returned to the U.S. as a newly appointed adjunct lecturer in Fashion and Sustainability at Southern New Hampshire University.

In 2013, Mpho was announced as a winner of the Front Row Society Rockabilly Design Challenge in Berlin, Germany. Her textile-designed products featuring her own label is currently sold internationally. Some of her prior achievements include earning a four-year scholarship and winning the Cell C Campaign 2008 student category, which was also awarded with a nomination at the 2008 Lorie Awards in Cape Town.  She has exhibited her work at the French Alliance in Pretoria for Green Week, 2012.

Creative Directorのムポは、南アフリカでデザインやテキスタイル技術のマスターコースを卒業したのち、グラフィックデザイナーとしての勤務経験、テキスタイルデザイナーとしての実務経験や受賞経験をもち、2013年に、米国南ニューハンプシャー大学での非常勤講師として教鞭をとり、それ以降、米国東海岸を拠点としています。