African Luxury Design feat. Duro Olowu

Duro Olowu is a British fashion designer of Nigerian-Jamaican heritage who is based in London and New York. Duro's womenswear collection is known for its vibrant mix of African prints. Since Duro launched his first collection in London in 2004, he has been successfully building his brand: some of his fans include Michelle Obama and Solange. 

Duro Olowu. Source:  TMagazine - The New York Times

Duro Olowu. Source: TMagazine - The New York Times

Duro is currently exhibiting his art show at Salon 94, an art gallery in Soho, NYC; the show is an inspiring combination of his own designs and the art pieces that inspired these clothes. We really enjoyed the sculptures by Nick Cave and other artwork by a mix of established and emerging artists.

Source:  Salon 94

Source: Salon 94

One of the most memorable displays is a wall of traditional costumes from Yoruba women in Nigeria (show in the photo above). In an interview in The New York Times, Duro explains, "[t]his is very inspirational for me — it is the basis for my idea of fashion. [...] [T]his is a history of the Yoruba tops, from 1920 to about 1982. It shows how real style and international chic is really sometimes the simplest thing, made to look incredible."

A real style that lasts over the decades, international chic that travels across different cultures, a simple beauty that delivers a strong impression, and incredible quality that delights the wearer. We believe that these are the fundamentals of African luxury designs.

More Material: June 26, 2014–August 01, 2014 @Salon 94 Bowery.