African Modern Luxury

When we at Maki & Mpho define our brand in three words, we say: African, modern, and luxury. These are the words that we always think of when we create, and they form our core values. But what does each word really mean to us? Last week, our creative team revisited our core values, and discussed what inspired us and why we care.


We honor the creativity of African people. We celebrate cultural heritage in the African continent and creative talents of African decent. Africa has a diverse culture that in the past was mostly exploited, but now Africans have begun to take ownership of their own culture and bringing African culture to a global audience. Our Creative Director, Mpho Muendane, is a U.S-born Mozambican-Zambian-Tanzanian-South African. Her background is multifaceted, but she identifies herself simply as an African. Through Maki & Mpho's textile designs, we honor Africa's creativity.

We also support and are inspired by other African creative talents. African Digital Art is one example. It is an online platform that curates and features various digital artists from the African continent and was founded by Jepchumba, a Kenyan entrepreneur who is passionate about digital media and Africa. African Digital Art is not only a great source for visual inspirations, but also a place of promise for Africa's creative future.


We want to bring you things that are fresh, innovative, and diverse. We showcase African cultural heritage, but at the same time, we also create new design aesthetics that fit in the context of globalization and modernization. We want to bring you a new way of looking at African cultural heritage.

Source: Norwegian Rain website.

Source: Norwegian Rain website.

While we are inspired by many brands and artists that embrace the concept of modernity, there is one brand that we especially respect: Norwegian Rain. It is a Norwegian clothing brand founded by bespoke tailor/designer, T-Michael, and creative director Alexander Helle. They make innovative, functional, clean, and stylish raincoats for men and women. They embrace Norwegian heritage (and its climate!), but present it in a truly modern way. And we love them!


We deliver designs that are not usually available. We care about the quality of what we create. Ultimately we want you to have a delightful experience with our designs.

In the world of textile designs, we are constantly inspired by Marimekko, a Finnish textile design and lifestyle brand, which is the master of delightful experiences through textile designs.

And we can't wait to bring you such exciting experiences with Maki & Mpho designs, too!