Every Shade of "African" Blue feat. Aboubakar Fofana

Sanibonani! Hello!

This is your new destination for discovering African designs, arts, textiles, fashion, crafts, culture, people, and modern lifestyle. And this week, we are featuring Aboubakar Fofana, the master of "African" blue... 

Aboubakar Fofana is a calligrapher, artist, and textile designer who was born in Bamako, Mali, lived in France, and now travels between Paris, Tokyo, and Bamako. He uses traditional dyeing techniques from Africa, yet his work gives us a very refreshing contemporary look. He uses natural indigo and vegetable dyes to create every shade of blue known to man!

Source: African Digital Art:  http://www.africandigitalart.com/

Source: African Digital Art: http://www.africandigitalart.com/

There is a lot more to explore and discover about the world of textile and cloth in African culture. Scholars like Perani and Wolff say that cloth is the most important two-dimensional art-form in Africa. Designs and colors on cloth can carry significant meanings. Each shade of color like the ones we see on Aboubakar's work, gives us a unique look. At the same time, cloth is also functional - it folds, wraps, and covers. At Maki & Mpho, we believe that cloth is the ultimate form of functional art.

Maki & Mpho introduces the Hamba Collection - functional art. In the Zulu (South African) language, the term Hamba is about movement - it means to go, to travel, to ride, to leave, and to move forward. In a nutshell, Hamba is a journey representing the many facets of life. We're excited to enrich your life's journey bringing you artfully designed luxury products using an underrepresented African textile heritage!  

Check out a sneak peek of the Hamba Collection!