Five Reasons Why You Should Wear a Bow Tie on a Date.

1. Your bow tie shows that you are confident.

 You are not afraid of trying bow ties, or something different.

2. Your bow tie shows that you actually care.

To wear a self-tie bow tie, you need to learn how to tie it and to take time perfecting the look of the bowknot. The bow tie reflects your commitment and care.


3. Your bow tie lets you stand out.

You are not a regular tie guy. You will be noticed. You can make your date feel proud.

Image via Daily Mister.

Image via Daily Mister.

4. Your bow tie makes you look sexy.

No matter how old you are.

Image via  Fashion Bomb Daily .

5. You bow tie makes you look handsome even when untied.

Proof. (This would not work with a regular tie.)

Image via  BuzzFeed . (cropped)

Image via BuzzFeed. (cropped)

Are you now ready to get a bow tie