African Tunes for Your Midsummer Night feat. Wambura Mitaru

Looking for some new tunes for your summer party? Here's one artist that you should definitely check out: Wambura Mitaru. She is a young, passionate, and talented singer and composer originally from Nairobi, Kenya. Her voice is extremely powerful, and her tunes are fun and relaxing. Her style of music is a combination of funk, soul, R&B, jazz, hip-hop, and African sounds, which creates unique grooves. 

Wambura completed her bachelor's degree in Kenya, then joined the Berklee School of Music in Boston in 2011, where she was awarded a full scholarship. At Berklee, she met an Egyptian percussionist, Moez Dawad and a South African guitarist, Sebastian Reunert, and formed a band called the Wambura Mitaru Synergy.

Unfortunately, her music is not widely available yet, but we believe that it will happen very soon! Meanwhile you can enjoy some of her tunes on YouTube video. Enjoy!