The Menswear MVP at Pitti Uomo

Pitti Immagine Uomo, the key international trade event showcasing men’s fashions and contemporary lifestyle trends was just held in Florence last week. Not surprisingly show participants all looked dapper and chic. But who really stood out? 

First off, let's check out a "typical look" from the scene. A basic colored jacket (lots of blues), not-so-skinny tie, flat top black shades, comfy-looking leather shoes, well-groomed beard, and dapper hairstyle were the core elements in the typical look (like these guys in the photo below). 

These elements would surely make you look stylish but you probably wouldn't look so unique or memorable. Let's take a look at more styles.


This man definitely tried an alternative style with a tunic + jacket + sneaker combo. We like his innovative attitude. But did he really need a jacket? Maybe he still wanted to be a member of we-wear-jackets-to-look-stylish club. He could have ditched his jacket and instead worn a nice pair of dress shoes to look chic in his tunic. 

These styles have some unique twists: These men all wear nice hats and shorter trousers. While earthy colored styles give them effortless looks, they could have spiced up the styles a little more by adding some colors or prints.

This guy just nailed it. A dark moss green jacket, printed dot shirt, wide navy tie with a little pin, tuxedo suspenders, a bunch of bracelets, not-so-typical hairstyle and beard (plus a phone). His style is actually pretty close to the "typical look" we saw in the beginning, but the details make him unique.

We also found another of his looks from a different day.

Perfection. The contrast of yellow with different shades of blues is refreshing. Even the blue sky also became part of his style. This style has fun elements like polka dots and a rounded collar. He deserves the honor of unofficial menswear MVP at Pitto Uomo.

So here are the key takeaways to achieve a "unique" dapper style.

  • Be playful with accessories
  • Incorporate some prints and colors
  • Maybe add some uncommon styles (like round collar, trousers with different lengths, or even a tunic)
  • (Bonus!) Be on the phone when photographed. You can amplify the effortlessness of your style.

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Celebrate Individuality! London Collections: Men

While most Londoners might not have noticed in the midst of the World Cup matches, London Collections: Men, showcasing over 70 collections by British and international designers, just finished last week. It was quite inspiring to see many designers introducing unique styles. Some of them were really pushing the boundaries of men's fashion! Let's check out some creative highlights!

Astrid Andersen. Source:

Astrid Andersen. Source:

MAN. Source:  The Guardian .

MAN. Source: The Guardian.

Sankuanz. Source:  The Kansas City Star .

Sankuanz. Source: The Kansas City Star.

Sibling. Source:  The Guardian .

Sibling. Source: The Guardian.

We picked most uncommon styles because these creative looks are joyful and fun, strong and memorable. At Maki & Mpho, we believe that unique style is about celebrating individuality. You may not always apply runway looks directly to your everyday style, but you can definitely get inspired by the attitude of celebrating individuality from these creative runway shows!