EXPEDITION - Self-tie Classic Bow Tie

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EXPEDITION - Self-tie Classic Bow Tie


A classic style bow tie.

  • Width (tip): 2.25 inch 
  • 100% silk twill
  • Printed and made in USA
  • Self-tie / adjustable
  • Square tip
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Textile Art: Kwakwa - Hamba Collection

This design is inspired by Kwakwa, an imaginary bird crossbred from a crown crane and a guinea fowl. In the narrative of an African witch doctor, Sangoma, birds represent the highest level of human wisdom: After seven reincarnation cycles, you will finally become a bird. Birds are omnipotent: They walk on the land, float on the water, and fly in the air.The motifs in the design are a deconstruction and juxtaposition of different parts of the bird, creating a Cubism-style representation of a bird's three-dimensional form and depicting the spiritual belief of Sangoma. In relation to life's journey, Kwakwa symbolizes our spiritual growth.